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Sound-Eklin® Announces Service Enhancement Initiative to Enhance Customer Care

November 19, 2010 — Carlsbad, CA

As the worldwide leader in veterinary imaging and PACS, Sound-Eklin® recognizes the challenge and related market expectations of providing world-class customer support for over 8000 digital radiography and ultrasound customers. To handle these increased demands, we have made significant investments in infrastructure resources; backed by hundreds of man-hours to create and deploy both internal and external support tools and personnel. The first phase of this Service Enhancement Initiative (SEI) is in place and outlined below. There will be additional phases launched throughout 2011.

Phase One is focused on the needs of the equine practice and their ambulatory workflow that demands unique support requirements and response times. To accomplish this, we have segmented the inbound call center in order to better serve our primary customer groups, the equine and companion animal DR / US user. While the platforms and software are similar, we realize the availability and needs of these clients can be quite different. Our support staff is now tiered and uniquely trained to best serve each customer’s expectations and needs.

The next step is automating the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) process. When the occasional and unforeseen damage or breakage happens, Sound-Eklin® customers can be confident that their return will not only be handled in the most expeditious manner, but that they will be kept abreast of return status every step of the way- with a sophisticated automated system.

The final step in Phase One implementation focuses on enhancing the user experience. Sound-Eklin® has launched two instructional web sites. One is an Installation site for new DR clients to guide them in preparation for the transition to digital imaging, infrastructure & network requirements and pre-installation staff training. Utilizing this tool will greatly enhance the user’s knowledge and understanding and significantly reduce the learning curve. The second site is the user Training Support site-which is part of the main website; this section features continuing education and training resources as well as FAQ’s and access to advanced user training and customized training options to assist with new staff and/or new user system training.

To best utilize the new features of our Service Improvement Initiative, visit our website at for specific details on these new guidelines.

Sound-Eklin® remains the largest and fastest growing provider of flat panel digital radiography and premium ultrasound imaging equipment for the veterinary market. We are dedicated to providing products and services to support and build on our leadership position in the industry. Our commitment is clear, we will continue to commit the resources and infrastructure needed to meet and exceed the expectations of our loyal customers and the demands of the market moving forward.

About Sound-Eklin

Based in Carlsbad, California, Sound-Eklin produces the most widely accepted and used digital radiography and PACS systems in the veterinary industry with more than 5,000 installations to date. Sound-Eklin holds leadership positions in Ultrasound, Digital Radiography, and Education. Sound-Eklin is a division of VCA ANTECH, INC. (NASD:WOOF), and is dedicated to the field of veterinary imaging and education. VCA ANTECH also owns, operates and manages the largest network of freestanding veterinary hospitals and veterinary-exclusive clinical laboratories in the country and employs approximately 12,000 professionals throughout North America. To contact Sound-Eklin, call 1-800-268-5354 or visit