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The Mark 1109

Mark 1109 - Portable Equine Veterinary DR Equipment & Mobile X Ray

Legendary Performance

The Mark®1109 is the result of the cooperative efforts of the Sound-Eklin engineers using their vast experience to meet your demands. The Mark 1109 offers what you expect from your portable digital radiography system — everything.

Image is Everything

The Mark 1109 is engineered to provide consistently perfect images, simply.

  • The 9”x11” imaging surface is large enough to capture stifles, necks and backs without issue.
  • Equipped with AccuStitch™ image stitching software for imaging body parts too large for any DR panel.
  • Adaptive exposure technology combined with unique multi-frequency image processing provides the Eklin-quality image you know and expect, every time.

Time is Money

The Mark 1109™ workflow is designed to provide the perfect union of simplicity and speed. The PrePack Protocols speed you through pre-purchase exams. The DICOM Modality Worklist offers seamless integration and support.


Designed to give you Confidence

Extraordinary image quality will be apparent from across the barn with the Mark 1109 17” touch screen, high resolution monitor. The forgiving exposure latitude results in a simplified technique chart with no worries about need for retakes.

With the design and support of the world’s largest veterinary imaging company, the Sound-Eklin® quality you expect is assured and backed by the most advanced support team in the industry.

Like all Sound-Eklin® products, the Mark 1109 is fully DICOM 3.0 compliant and designed to use open standards to provide you with compatibility and freedom of choice.

With an assortment of options to choose from, Sound-Eklin® provides data management and image viewing solutions that are powerful and tailored to meet your needs.




Model Canon CXDi-60G or 60C

Amorphous Silicon; Scintillator: Gadolinium Oxysulfide or Cesium Iodide

Acquisition Time 3 seconds
Imaging Area 9” x 11”, 23 cm X 28 cm
Pixel Pitch 160 x 160 Microns
Pixel Array 1464 x 1776 pixels
Grayscale 12 bit (4,096 levels)
Weight 5.9 lbs, 2.7 kg
Dimensions 14” w x 15” h x 0.9” d, 35.6 cm w x 38.1 cm h x 2.3 cm d


Control Interface
  • 17” LCD touch-screen display allows for easy navigation through the Acquisition and Review software while also providing a large viewing area for review
  • Multi-frequency image processing algorithms
  • Repository, pre-purchase exam protocols
  • PrePack Protocol Operation
  • Grid Suppression™ software
Diagnostic eFilm Workstation™
  • eFilm software for viewing images from all DICOM modalities including DR, CR, digital ultrasound, MRI, CT and nuclear scintigraphy
  • AccuStitch™ DICOM image stitching software for assembly of single image from multiple DR DICOM images of large body parts (e.g., equine necks)
Image Storage
  • Approx. 12,000 images can be stored on the Solid State Drive
  • Dual high speed USB 2.0 ports
Console Details
  • High strength molded polyethylene external case
  • Water and dust resistant construction
  • All external connections on the same side of the case
  • Built-in carrying handles
Operating Environment
  • 50-95°F, 10-35°C, 30-75% RH (non-condensing)
Console Weight
  • Without panel and cable – 45 lbs, 20.4 kgs
Complete System Weight
  • With panel & cable – 53 lbs, 24.0 kgs
  • 18” w x 20” h x 16” d, 45.7 cm w x 50.8 cm h x 40.6 cm d


Product Images

Mark 1109 Digital Radiography Plate
Mark 1109 Digital Radiography Closed Box with Plate



AIS Quickstart: How to Email Images
AIS QuickStart: How to Email Images
File size: approx. 718KB, 1 page
AIS Quickstart: How to View Exams
AIS QuickStart: How to View Exams
File size: approx. 618KB, 1 page
Osirix Quickstart iPad
Osirix Quickstart iPad
File size: approx. 1.3MB, 5 pages
Burn a CD in eFilm
Burn a CD in eFilm
File size: approx. 2.1MB, 2 pages
Mark 1109 Sell Sheet
Mark 1109 Sell Sheet
File size: approx. 1.9MB, 2 pages